AFFIRM® Curved

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The AFFIRM® Curved VCF System enables full vertebral body coverage through a unipedicular approach. Biomechanical balance is optimized by creating a predictable, centrally located cavity and using a controlled technique to deliver cement across the sagittal midline.

  • Curved Channel Creation (C3): The C3 functions both as a drill and cavity creation instrument, all in one, allowing the user to gain access through only one pedicle and initiate a curved cavity, crossing the sagittal midline of the vertebral body.

  • Controlled Bone Tamp Placement: The AFFIRM® Inflatable Bone Tamp, pre-loaded within a curved introduction sleeve, allows for controlled balloon placement along the path created by the C3 instrument.

  • Balanced Cement Fill:The Curved Cannula allows cement to be filled centrally within the cavity in a controlled manner.