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concord plus radiopaque bone cement

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new high viscosity bone cement,
CONCORD-Plus™ and accompanying Cement Mixer and Transfer Pack.

The CONCORD-Plus™ Bone Cement is ready to inject 3 minutes after mixing and has a 12 minute working time. Compared to low viscosity bone cement, CONCORD-Plus™ shortens waiting time while retaining working time. The Cement Mixer and Transfer Pack is comprised of the cement mixer along with a threaded syringe for transferring cement to the filler delivery needles.



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for using CONCORD-Plus™


Available Parts
Part Number Description
4129.2020S CONCORD-Plus™ Bone Cement, 20g
4129.4040S CONCORD-Plus™ Bone Cement, 40g
658.959S Cement Mixer and Transfer Pack

Pricing requests must be submitted to
Please note that pricing must be loaded into the system and approved prior to requesting these parts.